No Coffee, But I’ll Have One Satellite To Go

Another first on Channel 4 Action News this Morning. I actually went through a two-hour show without a single cup of coffee. I consider this a major achievement given the time of day I get up. However, as I was making coffee for the crew, I just didn’t have that “Java Jones” this morning. Even Kelly was wondering if I was not feeling well. Actually, I’m fine … and I guess I’m just taking a break from the caffeine circuit. Then again, I have been feeling kind of weired recently. I didn’t eat anything yesterday even though I worked out at the gym and hit golf balls for a solid hour at the indoor driving range at Neville Island.

I was thinking about having a cup though when I read about this: A U.S. spy satellite that has suddenly lost power, is out of control and could crash to Earth either next month of early March. What’s worse is that government officials not only do not know where it’s going to land, but also they are takings teps to – in their words – mitrigate any possible damage.

OK, am I the only one alarmed by this? I don’t trust the government to get much right but I would hope they could keep a satellite from crashing back down to Earth – and possibly landing in my backyard or worse. I know the odds of that are long, but the fact that we should even be thinking about the possibility is frightening to say the least.

Maybe it’s time to get back to my coffee routine.

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