Test It Tuesday Returns

I thought I would let you know about a new segment we’re starting on Channel 4 Action News tonight starting at 5. Actually, it’s not new but rather the return of an old favorite with a new twist.

You might remember a few years back, we did a segment called “Test It Tuesday” hosted by Susan Koeppen. Each week, she would take items that made all sorts of claims and put them to the test. From the pot that allowed you to strain pasta without taking the lid off to the voice-activated light switch, she would see if these products lived up to the hype.

Well, we’re bringing “Test It Tuesdays” back – and guess who’s filling Susan’s shoes?

You guessed it. Now I admit I’m not Susan ( I think based on appearance you can see that ) and I doubt I’ll be doing consumer reports for a national broadcast network after this, but I am someone who loves gadgets and gizmos. So now I’ll be testing items each week with the help of you – the viewing audience. I’m inviting viewers to not only participate but also send me suggestions.

Since you are out there — shopping, watching infomercial and occasionally buying things on QVC at 2 in the morning — I invite you to send me suggestions of items to put to the test. Together, I think we’ll not only have fun but also solve life’s most difficult question — does that thing really work?

So tune it tonight at 5 – and every Tuesday from here on — as we put the latest and greatest gadgets, gizmos and products to the test. Also, be sure to look for the “Test It Tuesday” web page on this website. There, you will be able to see “Test It Tuesday” reports, read my “Test It Tuesday” blog and both suggest products as well as volunteer to help me test things out.

See you at 5.

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