The Best Team Ever?

Super Sunday. My favorite day of the year, but the pressure is on to make my Super Pick. If you will indulge me, I’m going to put back on my sportscaster’s cap for a few moments and tell you who’s going to win and why.

After much debate, I agree with Plaxico Burress and his pre-game prediction. The difference between the two teams will be six points, but it will be the New England Patriots prevailing 30-24. The issue I’m sure all of you are wondering about is whether after this win, will the Patriots be the best team of all-time.

That’s the debate in many circles — especially here in Pittsburgh — where we believe to this day that there has never been a more dominant team than the Steelers of the 70’s. In fact, there is a universal feeling in this town that the Steelers best team during that decade didn’t even win the Super Bowl – the 1976 Steelers.

However, if New England wins, I don’t believe there is any question that the Patriots are the greatest team of all time — for one season. The key phrase being “for one season”. New England will have gone 19-0, something no team has ever done – not even our beloved Black and Gold. It’s even more impressive because unlike the Steelers who had 22 players play on all four title-winning teams, the Patriots will have just four players who have competed in their four Super Bowls this decade.

I know Pittsburgh fans will hate this because they hate the Patriots. Instead, the anger should be directed at your team for not being able to beat the Pats. It’s less about hating what the Pats represent and more about being jealous when it comes to what they have accomplished.

I grew up one hour from Foxboro, Massachusetts, but I’m not a Pats fan. Still, I have never seen perfection in my lifetime. I would like to see it. Just this once.

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