The Purge

I’m a pack rat … and I admit it.

From the helmet I wore during my high school football days to every t-shirt that has ever been given to me at every event, I have this habit of holding onto things I don’t use. Sharon has gotten on me about this for years — and deservedly so. At one point, I had 150 t-shirts in my closet which I had never worn. As you might notice on the morning news, I tend to wear the same things over and over again while other ties, shirts and suits sit in my closet unused.

But we also have another tradition in my household – the purge. Everytime Sharon and I prepare to move – and this will be the fourth time since we got married seven years ago ( Our friends have our address in pencil in their address books ) – we clean out the closets and basements. Our rule is pretty much like many of yours — if you don’t use it inside of two years, get rid of it.

So we spent the weekend combing through our “stuff” and wound up having more than a carload of collectibles to get rid of. Clothes, books, dishes, travel bags and various other items. However, instead of throwing it all away, we also choose to donate. We usually take our things to Goodwill or the Salvation Army or some other organization which can take these things and give them to families that truly need them. It’s a great feeling to know that your hands-me-downs are going to help others.

Of course, not everything goes to charitable organizations. I had a stereo I haven’t used in years and a golf bag which was collecting dust in the basement. So I donated that to Demetrius figuring he could use the stereo — and he is an aspiring golfer.

I also had crystal vases and trays that I wanted to get rid of so I brought them to the station hoping Melanie Taylor might want them,. Turns out the Mikasa crystal matches a set that Kelly had — and you have never seen someone so excited about getting someone’s cast-offs. At least I now know all my discarded items have new homes which will appreciate them.

Sharon and I are now purged – until the next move.


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