Somewhat Sorry to See the Strike End

Sounds like the Hollywood writers strike is finally coming to an end. The two sides have tentatively agreed on a deal to make sure the writers get their cut of the lucrative DVD and Internet sales market. While, of course, I’m always happy to see the “little” guy get his fair share of the pie, I’m somewhat saddened the strike appears set to end. Saddened for two very distinct reasons.

First, the lack of new creative stuff and new shows coming out of Hollywood has actually helped those of us in the TV news business. While reality TV shows make be the rage on the networks and on cable, there is no better reality show than your local newscast. Nothing is more real than the story of real life – and many of the cable news channel have seen a spike in their ratings as they go non-stop telling the compelling real story of the race for the White house.

Second, and on a more personal note, the return of new production of TV shows fills a void in the lives of Americans. A void I think many people filled with other actvities. Now while I cannot prove this, I get the feeling that because we – as a nation – weren’t setting our lives by the final episode of “Lost” or some other program, we found other things to do. I know it was somewhat liberaing not having to worry about catching the next episode of my favorite shows – because there was no next episode.

We spent time away from the TV and perhaps spent more time out of our homes. While TV is what pays the bills in my world, I don’t think we should let it run out lives. We need to get away from the tube and the TV screen and enjoy life rather than sitting on the coach and watching it.

photo courtesy: AP Photo


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