A Spirited Discussion …. and a Stupid Debate

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now that I have the love out of the way, let’s get to the hate. OK, hate is too strong a word in this case but my blog from Wednesday ignited quite the firestorm of debate. While my feelings about the SI swimsuit issue resonated with many of you, there were more than a few women upset that I could look at the publication as anything more than pornography.

Some felt it objectified women; others took the swimsuit publication as a personal insult. I will admit that – as a man – I can not say what would be offensive to a woman any more than a white person can tell me where the N-word is offensive or not. That being said, I still think it’s simply an entertainment publication and should not be considered a social statement on the status of women in general. I’m mean we’re on the verge of electing a woman for President. Which do you think is the greater indicator of where we are as a society when it comes to sexual equality?
One thing we can all agree with is insulting and offensive is what took place on Capitol Hill Wednesday. In one room, legislators grilled a baseball pitcher and his former trainer about whether one injected the other with steroids. Down the hall, one of Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senators questioned the commissioner of the NFL about an investigation into one team stealing another team’s signals.

I’m going to try and be as calm and rational as possible, but I am mad as you know what about this. Here I am paying taxes – and a ridiculous amount – as a citizen of this country and I’m watching the people I elected and I pay hold hearings into how professional athletes conduct their business. Are you kidding me? We are at war, heading into a recession and running out of natural resources and Congress has nothing better to do than run a dog and pony show for the cameras? Give me a break.

Let’s say I buy the steroids argument because it’s a national “health” issue. That being said, why the Senator from my state is extending his investigation into how the NFL polices its players’ on-field activities is beyond me. Senator Specter, if you want to be a referee just say so – otherwise this “spygate” matter is not your concern and does nothing to make my life or the life of your constituents better. What’s next? Are you going to investigate whether pro wrestling is on the up and up?

One local politician asked me why people are so cynical when it comes to those in public office? The answer was as clear as day on Wednesday. We don’t trust our leaders because they tend to be out of touch with what’s important to us as a nation. Yes, we love sports … but we think you could spend your time better by working to make our lives better, not our games.


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