Cleaning Out the Thought Closet Once Again

So much to talk about before I head off to Winterfest for the weekend, so let me kind of send you a list of stuff that’s on my mind before I call it a week.

SI Swimsuit
I have been overwhelmed by the number of e-mails I received regarding my comments about the SI Issue. Many of you think I’m right about the swimsuit issue, while many others believe that I have joined the ranks of the cavemen .. and this difference of opinion is spilt along gender lines.

Let me just say this: I understand those who are offended and I agree with you to some extent and perhaps I should take a different look at what this issue is really portraying. As for me being a caveman, I’ll let those of you who wonder how I feel about women take a look at my bio on this website. Then, you will be able to see where I fall on issues related to women.

Steroid Hearings and “Spygate”
Second only to the swimsuit issue, I was deluged with e-mails about those Congressional Steroid Hearings. I should send these e-mails to Washington because there are a lot of upset people out there. The waste of time and money over an internal baseball matter is ridiculous and hardly helps the millions of Americans dealing with “real” issues crucial to their survival.

The only thing more offensive that the hearings was Senator Arlen Spector’s pursuit of “Spygate”. Now, he’s saying the Steelers were spyed upon and insinuating that Pittsburgh’s AFC title game defeats may have been influenced by pre-game videotaping. I think this smacks of playing to your constituents and, once again, wastes valuable time and resources on what I believe is not an issue affecting American life and a past that cannot be changed.

Older Women Behaving Badly

I know 60 is the new 40, but what is going on with these mature actresses? First, it was Diane Keaton dropping the “F-bomb” on “Good Morning America”. Now, it’s Jane Fonda’s turn. On “The Today Show”, she uttered perhaps the worst of them all. The one word that if a man said it to any woman, would instantly guarantee his death right there on the spot. In light of these offensive comments, suddenly the SI swimsuit issue looks wholesome.

Campus Shooting at NIU

Once again, America is going through an all-too common practice today. The mourning of college students killed in a senseless shooting. The candlelight vigils have already begun as we once again are left to wonder why someone would kill five people for no apparent reason. Once again, we are going to wonder if our campuses are safe and we are going to put these places of academic freedom under temporary lockdown. We know the drill … a drill that has become all too familiar.

This week has been filled with talk of steroids in baseball, spying during a football game and whether scantilly-clad models are good or bad for the image of women in this country. Leave it to a tragedy like this to remind us what is truly important and what out lawmakers should really be focusing on. This is what really matters.


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