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Before my lastest entry into the blogosphere, I have to give a big thanks to a guy named Bill who e-mailed me this morning. He noticed by blogs have been taking on a more serious tone lately. I had not noticed – and sometimes the issues of the day dictate a more serious look. Still, I’m a pretty easy-going person so let me lighten up a little bit.

If you were watching today at 6:35, you saw our daily conversation with Robin who sent us a little present: a box of tissue as part of an inside joke since Kelly had complained the day before we had no tissue on the set and we were left with just toilet paper to blow our noses. The box I pulled out on the set was Kleenex brand.

That bit of fun – along with a story Ashley did a bit earlier on making money on your blog by endorsing products got me to thinking. I could actually use this bit of communication technology to endorse prodcuts. Now, of course, I wouldn’t but when I think about my daily life, so much of it is sponsored that I know some company would pay me if they knew how many people were reading this blog on a daily basis.

Think about it. I get and shower using ( bleep ) brand of soap and ( bleep ) brand of toothpaste. After I put on my suit made by ( bleep ) and toss on my ( bleep ) style watch, I go downstairs and have a glass of ( bleep ) orange juice while I look at local papers on my portable ( bleep ). Then, I hop in my car and drive my ( bleep ) towards WTAE and once I arrive, I make ( bleep ) brand coffee before heading to my desk.

See. Your whole world is just one big commercial. It seems like I’m letting an opportunity to cash in big pass me by. Then again, I didn’t get into blogging to make money and I doubt anyone would use a certain product because I use it.

Although I will leave you with this: If you are curious as to what product I use and why, I’ll be happy to respond to your e-mail. No charge.

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