Morning Show Hunkers Down

If you happened to catch any of the 4.5 hour extended winter weather extravaganza that was this morning’s broadcast, you know the winter weather dictated the direction of our program. Since we didn’t know how bad it would be coming in – and how long we would be on the air – the morning show team decided to be ready for the worst.

That means bringing breakfast. Here’s what we dined on during the course of the morning news:

Ashley’s DiParlo’s all-world sticky buns. They didn’t last long.

Kelly Frey’s Cheese, Sausage and Triscuit Tray

Who says you can’t find good friend chicken at the store? Melanie Taylor did.

Who is that trying to hide behind that chicken wing?

Meteorologist Erin Kienzle posing with producer Steve Hadt’s corndogs.

All the food was yummy and well-consumed during the course of a long morning. And if that was not enough, our news director Bob Longo brought in bagels. All I need now is a cup of coffee and I’m ready to hit the sack.

Have a great weekend.


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