Late Night Channel Surfing

More than a few people have asked me what my favorite TV show is. The truth is when you work the hours I do – and that means sleeping between 7p-1a – you just don’t get to watch a lot of prime-time TV. I’m also not someone who TiVo’s a program only to watch it later. I just don’t have the time.

So what do I watch? I’m glad we actually re-broadcast Channel 4 Action News at 11 so that I can see what I missed from the evening before and be prepared when I arrive at work at 3:30am. Still, I just don’t get out of bed and watch the news. I’m a slow riser, so here’s a sneak peak at what I was saw as I flipped through the channels and tried to force myself out of bed at 1:30am.

1:30am: ESPN News
It’s my one chance to catch all the game hilights from the night before.

1:40am: CNN/Fox News/MSNBC
I just could not stay up for the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton debate

1:50am: The History Channel
Look, I’m a sucker for a well-done modern documentary.

1:55am: Sci-Fi Channel
I have always been a big “Twilight Zone” fan and there’s nothing better than the conclusion on an episode. It’s like having dessert while skipping dinner.

2:00am: Encore, HBO
My two pay movie channels and – occassionally – they will actually show a movie I haven’t seen.

2:05am: On Demand
Gives me a chance to watch the lastest episodes of my one guilty pleasure – “InTreatment”.

Yes, it really does take me 35 minutes of channel surfing before I get my lazy butt out of bed.
Then, it’s off to the shower and time to get ready for work. I’m usually grabbing some orange or tomato juice while watching our late news re-broadcast at 2:35am before heading off to work.

And who says there’s nothing good on late night TV?


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