The Circus Comes to Town

Last night’s comeback by Sen. Hillary Clinton – her victories in the Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island primaries – has guaranteed the best election story of our time will go on. It also guarantees the craziest campaign in history is coming to western Pennsylvania. As I said in the introduction, the circus is coming to town … in the form of the race for the White House.

Get ready for six weeks of non-stop campaign ads and six weeks of visits from both Sens. Clinton and Barack Obama. The pair will be here so much, they may want to consider buying a residence. Get ready for six weeks of polls which will be drawn from the same groups of voters and somehow give two different views of the race. Get ready to see political spin the likes of which you have never seen before. Finally, get ready for mudslinging, infighting and flat-out insults.

Welcome to Pennsylvania
Senators Clinton & Obama prepare to battle in Western Pa.
( photo courtesy: AP )

However, also be ready to be educated. The Pennsylvania primary has been going on for years and yet very few Pennsylvanians know what it’s about and how it works. are about to get the civics lesson of a lifetime. We will learn about delegates and superdelegates. We will bear witness to how primary politics work. We will see, first-hand, how campaigns fight for our vote. You will also see the national TV networks invade our state and witness how they present Pennsylvania to the rest of the nation.

And when it’s said and done, will we have the nominee for the Democratic party? I doubt it. Pennsylvania will be key, but considering the way this election has unfolded I think the state will point the Democrats in the right direction rather than decide the winner.

Whatever happens, I am excited to see this race come to our hometown. I think it will be one of those great things to observe. But will it choose a champion on April 22? I tend to think, six months from now, it may have no more significance than Super Tuesday did last month.

With that, raise the big top … and let the circus begin.


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