New York State of Mind

You have to wonder about the state of mind the city of New York and the state of New York with the latest items coming out of the Empire State.
First, the sex scandal involving Governor Elliot Spitzer. In case you haven’t turned on the all-news channels in the last few days, the governor was forced to resign amid an investigation which found he had paid a high-priced call girl service $4300 a pop ( pardon the expression ) for sexual favors. The case really became a big deal because Spitzer built his reputation as a prosecutor who went after the immoral members of society and the business community. Heck, his nickname was “Mr. Clean”.

Disgraced Governor Elliot Spitzer and his wife, Silda
While I could go so many directions on this mess, one thing has caught my attention and will not let go. Spitzers‘ wife, Selda. A high-powered attorney herself and mother of three, she has been seen “standing by her man” in every public appearance by Spitzer since the scandal broke. Now I am not a woman and will never understand the emotions she is experiencing during this traumatic time. That being said, I cannot understand why she is calmly standing by her husband – other than to make sure she gets her share of the big payout from divorce that you know is coming.
I’m waiting for her to yell, scream and then slap Spitzer is public and she has every right to do so. The man was with a prostitute — in essence, brought a third person into their bedroom. How can she be so calm amid such a horrible sin? Of course, I’m not privy to discussions behind closed doors. I have never met Silda, but she must be one incredible woman. A woman who truly loves her husband unconditionally .. at least for now.

On a lighter note, the Pittsburgh Pirates are once again the punchline to a joke. The Bucs, who haven’t played winning baseball since the early 90’s, will face the New York Yankees. It’s an exhibition game made significant only by the fact that comedian Billy Crystal will be in the line-up. Signing a one-day contract with the team, the 59-year-old ( that’s right, 50 ) will take the field for his beloved Yankees.

Yankee-for-a-day Billy Crystal

I think it’s kind of fun that the Yankees would allow Crystal to play ball for the day – bringing a media throng and national attention to a meaningless spring training game. It might also be the most attention the Buccos get all year. That being said, there are players on both teams who are upset Crystal is being allowed to take part in a big league game.

For those players with the problem, let me offer this advice: Get over it! I know baseball has these rules and traditions and sacred code, but the game is still reeling from steroid allegations and needs to relate to the common fan once again. Allowing an entertainer to live out his dream gives fans at least the belief that the national game still has their interests at heart. Look boys of summer, it’s not an official game so who will it hurt if Crystal plays? Perhaps the ego of the Pirate pitcher that gives up a home run to a 59-year-old man.
photo courtesy: Associated Press

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