Inspiring & Disturbing

First — something truly disturbing

What is going on with the way pets are being mistreated ( abused to be honest ) by local people in the last week. I know animal cruelty has always been a problem, but the last days has been down right disturbing.

No doubt you saw the story about the killing of dogs in Fayette county – dogs that were hung and burned in an apparent satanic ritual. There have also been dogs and cats found living in deplorable conditions … often emaciated.

You don’t have to be a dog owner to be repulsed by such stories of inhumane treatment, but as a dog owner I clutch by little bischon poodle a little tighter when I hear such stories. You wish you could do something – and truth is we really can’t because society views animals much different that people and their lives are not valued as much by societal standards. I mean have you ever heard of someone going to prison for the death of a dog?

Usually when I blog, I offer up solutions to societal ills. I have none today. I just wanted to write about it. Just wanted to share my personal feelings about something so cruel and heinous that I believe more severe punishment is warranted for those offenders. However, given that our legal system struggles to punish those that kill human beings, I doubt we’ll see any changes in its approach to animals .. and that is truly sad.

Let’s finish this Friday with something inspiring

The American Lung Association will hold “Climb Pittsburgh II” Saturday, March 29th. It’s an amazing – and somewhat crazy event. Climbing 760 steps to the top of the Gulf Tower downtown. It’s all about raising awareness of lung disease and raising money to battle the illness.

Last year, many of us from channel 4 took the first challenge and climbed the one thousand steps at the Oxford Center. It was the most exhausting and yet the most rewarding event. This year, we want to do something a little different.

We’re breaking up into three teams. Each squad captained by a WTAE personality:

Andrew Stockey’s Steppers
Ashley DiParlo’s Ascenders
Moving On Up with Michelle Wright

Already, I’m out in front because some one has already joined my team — and you can do the same. Just go to the climbpittsburgh website and click on the bright green “Register Now” button. From there, you can choose which team you want to join — although we all know which team will wind up being on top.
Just to add to the fun — the city firefighters have asked me to put on their oxygen tanks and firefighting equipment and join them as we climb the stairs. I told them I would do it — as long as I could walk the 38 floors ( Hey, that’s 88 pounds of gear we’re talking about ).
Please join us for Climb Pittsburgh II … and please join my team. Today! I need bragging rights in the building.
Have a great weekend!

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