Spring Fever, Swing Fever

When does spring begin?
Our crack team of meteorologists told me it was last Thursday, but if you saw the snow when you woke up Saturday morning you know better. For me, it’s always that first time out on the golf course. All of you who have read this blog know about my passion for the game, but in my mind its truly the best way to get out and enjoy nature and get some exercise at the same time.
Sunday afternoon, after Sharon and I walked Boobalooo and a neighbor’s dog, we got a case of spring fever. Being the daredevil, I threw out the possibility of going out and playing 9 holes. I know it was 40 degrees outside, but the sun made it fell warmer. Surprise! She agreed.
We went to a course called Frosty Valley in Upper Saint Clair – a pretty little 9-hole course – and put our bags on a couple of pull carts and played. A gentlemen named Dennis – a statistics teacher and California University joined us.
Here’s Sharon showing off her swing — and her new driver I bought her for Christmas:

It was wet and muddy – and the ball didn’t go anywhere and neither Sharon or I played particularly well. Still, it was a chance to be outside after months of cold weather, dark days and snowy Sundays. It was great to finally be outside and enjoy the first vestiges of spring.

I know this is hardly a deep, thoughtful entry but after the winter we had, I thought all of you would appreciate a brief taste of spring.

Have a great day!

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