Goodbye Melanie

Nothing lasts forever.

What makes life both great and sad is how people pass through your life. They are there for a few days or maybe a few years, touch your life, and then move on. While they are there, they create some memorable moments – and when they depart, they leave with you those memories and perhaps some lesson that makes you a better person.

Melanie Taylor is that kind of person.

This is Melanie’s final morning with us here at Channel 4. After helping Pittsburgh through what can be the daily traffic nightmare for more than two years, she is leaving us and heading back to her roots in radio.

Senior prom photo? Nope, it’s Melanie and I at the Heart Ball Gala last month

While Melanie greeted you every morning with what you needed to know as you navigated the roads around the region, she became more than just a traffic reporter to us. She was a friend, a colleague and a ray of sunshine every morning. Ask anyone her at WTAE and they will tell you she was always a positive person – even on her most trying day.

What makes her all the more incredible is that she is also a mother to a beautiful little girl. Yes, Melanie has it all .. and makes it all work. She has a supportive family and has more friends than you can imagine. She is also the pride of the Mon Valley … and proudly proclaims her allegiance to her high school, Monessen, every chance she gets.

What will I remember about Melanie? Those fearless Friday high school football predictions, her incredible knowledge of pop culture that she shared with between breaks and those light-hearted moments that we all shared off camera.

In the mornings, by its nature, the crew becomes a family and its tough to say goodbye to a family member. However, that is the nature of life. People enter your world – make it better – and move on. I’ll miss certainly miss this family member though we will always be the best of friends.

Good luck, Mel. Your family here at Channel 4 wishes you all the best!


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