A Toast to Your Health

The title of this blog comes from an event which concluded this past Saturday night. There are so many benefits and charitable events that in which I have the opportunity to participate, but there are some that really stand out for how they are run, what they mean to a community and just how much they are to attend.

“A Toast to your Health”: Heritage Valley CEO Norm Mitry and his wife, Peggy, welcoming Sharon and myself

Heritage Valley Health Systems runs hospitals in both Beaver and Sewickley and in recent years I have gotten involved in their galas to raise funds for new equipment and facilities in their hospitals.

While there are many hospitals in the area that do this, Heritage Valley has come up with some unqiue ways to raise money. One event was their Country Club crawl which took those that bought tickets to various country clubs in the Sewckley area and served different foods and drinks at each stop.

However, their best event is the one-of-a-kind “A Toast to your Health”. It’s such a massive undertaking that it only happens every two years. Organized by Alex Sebastain, owner of the Wooden Angel in Beaver, it brings together 15 different restaurants in western Pennsylvania .. and over 20 wineries from across the country. The result is a treat for all the senses.

“A Toast to your Health”: Taking a snapshot with Alex Sebastian, the owner of the Wooden Angel in Beaver and the man who plans this massive undertaking

Sharon and myself have had the honor of being more than just guests. We serve as honorary hosts and emcees, greeting the 600 people who came to the event Saturday night at the Airport Hyatt. While I have never considered myself a wine guy, it’s fun sampling the best the country has to offer … and also contributing to the effort to make a local resource like a hospital a little bit better for the community.

In the end, it certainly was a toast .. to the health of those who benefit from what these hospitals provide each and every day.

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