Greetings From Philadelphia

Hi! I’m here in the city of Brotherly Love … and on my way over to the National Constitution Center for tonight’s debate between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and I have to tell you how excited I am to be here. Besides being in a city where there is every food known to man – and yes I’ll probably eat too much – I’m excited about being in the center of the political universe.

When I moved to the news side of the business two years ago, I hoped to have the opportunity to do things like this – and tonight, I’m at the biggest game of the year when it comes to politics. While I don’t think the Pennsylvania primary will be decided tonight, I think this debate could be the last one we see for a long time between these two candidates.

The buzz around here from the experts? Clinton needs to hit a home run — not just to make sure she wins Pennsylvania, but comes out ahead in the larger picture. She is trailing nationally, running out of money and you can hear around the Constitution Center the dull roar of those who think Clinton’s campaign may be coming to an end.

I’ll be here to host our coverage from Philadelphia along with Aaron Saykin. Watch for our live reports at 11 p.m. … and be sure to catch the debate coverage starting at 7:30pm. It’s a political junkie’s dream come true tonight on ‘TAE. Also, since I won’t be able to watch, make sure you cheer on the Pens for me. I think they can pull out the brooms because we’re going to see a sweep tonight at Ottawa.

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