Pictures From Philadelphia

Hi everyone! After trips to Myrtle Beach, and more recently Philadelphia, it’s good to be back home and back on the morning show. I have some pics I took from the Democratic Presidential debate to show you … and I will do that in a minute.

First though, I want to say thanks to many of you who wrote to compliment our coverage of the debate and to pan the performance of ABC News. More to the point, I want to speak to those of you regarding my interview with ABC News President David Westin during the post-debate show.  You can find the interview on the front page of the website.

Many of you say “kudos” for “grilling” Westin about the line of questioning by moderators Charles Gibson and George Stephanopolous .. and how it was nothing but character issues during the first 45 minutes. I was fortunate enough, before I interviewed Westin, to hear the complaints of our studio audience at WTAE which was angered by the questioning and the lack of focus on the real issues of the campaign until about 45 minutes into the debate. For the record, I was only doing what I am supposed to so: ask the questions that you as the viewer would if you were there. My only hope is that the next time we get two candidates together for a discussion about holding the highest office in the land, we talk about the job and not what they do off the job.

Enough said. Here are some pics from Philly.

Outside the National Constitution Center .. banners for both candidates lined the streets

ABC’ Charlie Gibson in position for World News Tonight on the deck above the National Constitution Center. His live shot location was less than 50 yards from mine. What you don’t see is the large crowd watching Charlie

ABC’s George Stephanopolous just before he takes the air for World News. In my pre-debate interview, he told me he and Charlie Gibson would not set the course for the debate. They were just the ones throwing the pitches. Who could have anticipated how much control the pair would have.

The scene on Independence Mall hours before the debate. Supporters for bth candidates as well as protestors on subjects ranging from abortion to the Iraq war. There were even two people dress in full pink pig outfits in support of PETA.


Finally, The media room in the National Constitution Center. Way too much media for me, but at least the box lunch was good 

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