Surgery For “Boobaloo”

While this is a personal blog, I often keep very personal details out of this blog because I’m sure most of you would not care and I need to keep some privacy in my crazy life. However, since I have told you about our dog many times in this blog, I thought I would share something very personal about “Boobaloo” and a little frightening

“Boo” has become our “child” the last eight years since we found him chained up in a backyard in the North Side neighborhood we used to live in. He is more than a pet, he has become family. He is smart and has his own personality. Both Sharon and I talk to him and while he doesn’t speak, he does acknowledge us and often just by his bark or his look you can see he’s responding to us.

Now, our young dog is going to have to have surgery Tuesday. “Boo” has what is being described as “bladder stones” and while he shows no signs of any pain or discomfort there are signs that this illness istaking its toll. I won’t go into the graphic details, just suffice it to say we know he is not well. The good news from the vet is that this is not uncommon in bischons and it it is treatable with surgery.

While the prognosis is good, there is still plenty of fear and trepidation. He has always been healthy and the fact he must undergo surgery and stay overnight. For a couple used to having their “child” greet them when they come home, it’s more than a little unsettling. 

While we expect the best, you still fear the worst. I have never had a pet in my life and I still have most of my family members living, so I’m not used to dealing with personal loss. I hope that this will not be one of those times. I know in my heart he will be OK .. and jumping up and down on me in a few days.

While I don’t ask for much from those of you that read this blog – other than to be kind in your criticism – I would ask that you say a little prayer for “Boo”. I know he will be alright in my head, but the heart is never quite sure when it comes to these things.

I’ll have an update on Wednesday.


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