How’s “Boobaloo” Doing?

Thanks again for all the e-mails and the kind wishes ( even got an e-mail from a dog named “Benjamin” wishing “Boobaloo” well ) regarding Boo’s surgery for bladders stones. As of last night, the vet told us everything went well in surgery and that he is recovering … and he is wagging his tail. We weren’t allowed to visit him last night because if Sharon or I showed up, he might get too excited. The vet tells us if everything goes well overnight, I can pick him up this morning. I’ll keep you posted but we are both pleased that Boo seems to have made it through the worst.
Primary Night

Back to work .. and while Boo was in surgery, I was in Philadelphia covering the Clinton campaign’s post-election rally at the Hyatt in Center City. I snapped some photos and what will stand out here is the lack of space in the ballroom. We had 22 satellite trucks outside and even more cameras inside cramped into this small space for Senator Clinton’s speech. It was not only local and national media, but crews from England, Austrailia and Japan.

As for the Pennsylvania vote itself, I wanted offer these insights having covered the campaign for six weeks now. The result did not surprise me. If anyone was listening, I said in my reports the polls favored Hillary .. and her 10-point victory comfirmed that. It was also proven that the win failed to close the gap between her and Senator Obama in the delegate race. He still has a sizable lead there.

Pennsylvania did do two things. First, the win gave Clinton enough new cash to keep this bitter battle going into the convention in August in Denver. It also exposed the nature of this race .. which is far from the new politics of hope that Obama has claimed it would be. It’s now mud-slinging at it’s highest level and it has left both candidates bruised and battered, showing off their flaws and their weaknesses.

When all is said and done, Pennsylvania will be seen as the point where the tide turned in the election … turned into a tidal wave of negative campaigning and just a prelude to a battle that – from what I have observed in the campaign trail – will be more bitter than any comment coming from Obama about western Pennsylvania voters.


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