The Week in Pictures

Working the mornings – and the toll it takes on your mind and body – there’s nothing like Fridays. You can see the home stretch in sight and you know the weekend is here. You also know it’s the end of another week and so much has happened these last seven days.

So instead of talking about it, I thought I would show you some snapshost taken over the last seven days.

“Boobaloo” comes home.Here’s a picture of “Boo” on the couch at home just hours after we brought him back from the vet following surgery to renove bladder stones. He’s doing great, although he always tries to lick at his stitches. He’ll be recovering for the next week before those stitches can be removed. However, he is in good spirits and still likes to lick my face and cuddle up with Sharon. Thanks to all of you once again for your thoughts and prayers. We now know that we are not alone in our passion for out pet.

Election Night: Pennsylvania primary night found me in Philadelphia at the Clinton rally waiting for returns. As you can see, I was not alone. There were 22 satellite trucks outside the hotel .. and even more cameras inside the Hyatt ballroom. Notice there was not a lot of room for us media members and once you did have a spot to stand and broadcast, you dare not leave. A big thanks to our sister station, WGAL and reporter Barbara Barr who helped us tremendously in our effort to cover Senator Clinton.

The party’s over: At least for the time being. This is the aftermath of the Clinton celebration. All this … and the race is far from being decided. Thank goodness I did not have to clean up.

 Two pair:It’s quite a hand .. and I’m not just talking cards. That’s myself, Kelly, Sally and Jake as the King and Queen of Clubs and Spades respectively. Our full outfits for our performance  in last week’s PIttsburgh Ballet Theatre interpretation of “Alice in Wonderland”. What I found amazing is what the make-up did to the ladies. Look how different Sally looks .. and Kelly Frey as a brunette? Then again, I like the look but I don’t see Kelly making the switch anytime soon. On the flip side, I think in about 30 years I might keep the gray hair and go with the full beard.

So that’s a snapshot of the week that was. Never dull and always different. Please have a wonderful weekend .. and I hope the next seven days hold as much adventure for you as it did for me.

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