“Boobaloo” Says Thanks

The stitches comes off this week … and “Boobaloo” could not be doing better. Our bischon/poddle is feeling great following his bladder stone surgery a week ago today. Sharon and myself once again want to thank you for your e-mails and prayers for Boo’s speedy and safe recovery. However, instead of me saying thanks I thought I would let Boo himself speak to you .. and since he rarely speaks English, I can’t wait to hear what Boo has to say. Boo …

Thanks Dad. I just wanted to let all my two and four-legged friends out there to know I’m grateful for all the good wishes while I was in surgery. I was pretty scared about it, but not as nervous as my mom. But I told her not to worry and that I would be OK.

I can’t believe all the e-mails you sent my  dad on his blog. I never  thought anyone would read what my dad writes on a daily basis. I mean he always runs through what he’s going to write with me the night before .. and I always yawn.

Now that I’m back to normal, I can go running around the house, eat off my mom and dad’s plates and chew on my toys. I’m so happy. Once again, thank you for making my mom and dad feel better with your e-mails while I was in the hospital. Now that I feel better, maybe dad will stop taking all these pictures of me. I’m camera shy.


Boo, thanks for writing .. and I had no idea you were so eloquent with your words. Then again, I did not know you could type.


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