It’s never too cool for ice cream.

On a brisk Tuesday afternoon, Kelly, Scott and I dished out free ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s as part of their free cone day event. The promotion benefited Life’s Work and brought out ice cream lovers in droves.

What started as a a trickle, soon became a tidal wave of ice cream lovers who stretched the line out the door. We started scooping at 12:30 and Kelly and Scott didn’t finish until 2pm.

Here’s the scoop by scoop photos from the day .. and believe me, dishing out ice cream is not easy. However, all the smiling faces made the afternoon slaving over a cold freezer of ice cream worthwhile.

Kelly, Scott and myself: Scooping the competition

Scott was a natural serving up ice cream

Posing with the staff at Ben & Jerry’s: We would have been lost without them.

Kelly was pretty good at this. I guess if this TV thing doesn’t work out, there’s always a second career for her.

Teamwork: It’s the key to delivering the news … or deciding which cone to use

Once again, we had a great time … and loved seeing all the little kids with chocolate on their faces when it was all said and done. That shot makes an afternoon of scooping worthwhile.



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