Meet the Wielechowskis

Today,  America – and western Pennsylvania – will get a formal introduction to the David and Christa Wielechowski. You probably know who they are already. They are the couple who got married last month in the Caribbean and then repeated those vows in front of friends and family over a week ago in the North Hills. That night ended with the bride and groom both going to jail and being released the following morning.

What happened in between is the murky part of this story. The police report says the bride was karate-kicked by the groom and the couple got into a fight with two guests from another party and the scrum spilled out of the elevator and into the lobby, ending with the bride and groom tossing metal plant vases at the pair. The lawyer for the groom says the newlyweds were attacked by four ore five guests from another wedding party and that the groom was suckered-punch .. with his bride fighting back to protect her new husband.

Today, we will get their side of the story and perhaps learn what really did happen that night although I usually find in cases like this the truth is somewhere in the middle. Whether Mr and Mrs Wielechowski are guilty or innocent, they have paid the price for this. Thanks to the media and the internet, this couple from Glenshaw have now become the worst kind of celebrities – the ones that appear on tabloid TV shows. The kind of celebrities that wind up being the butt of late night jokes. The kind of celebrities that are akin to the car wreck at the side of the road.

Whether they are willing or unwillingness celebrities remains to be seen. All I know is that both their lawyers are stunned by the amount of media interest in this story. The groom’s attorney tells me he’s been contacted by “Inside Edition”, Turkish television and “Dr Phil” will not stop calling. They have been offered trips to New York City and even money for their story.

While I don’t know much about these people, I will give them this: they could have cashed in quickly on their new-found fame and celebrity. They could have spoken with the national media or the tabloid TV show and taken the money. For now, they have chosen not to. The groom’s attorney tells me they just want to get their side of the story out .. and hopefully reign in the media frenzy surrounding his clients’ lives. If true, that is admirable. However, it’s what happens after they “share their story” that will truly tell us their ultimate motive.

I’ll be all ears today and give them a chance to speak their minds, but I also have questions. Did he actually karate-kick her? What truly started the confrontation with the other wedding party? Will they stay together after all this? Look for those questions .. and hopefully their answers .. tonight on channel 4 Action News. 

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