Up Close with the Wedding Brawl Couple

Finally, America hears from the “Karate Kick Couple”.

David and Christa Wielechowski broke their silence Monday in an interview with some selected members of the media, including myself. Let me try and paint the picture for you. It was in the studios of a rival TV station .. and the bride and groom were accompanied by their individual lawyers. They wanted to meet with all the reporters prior to the interview so they could get comfortable with us since they said they had never done anything like this. The groom, especially, appeared very nervous.

Just looking at the couple, they did not seem outwardly like the kind of people you would think would get involved in the middle of melee inside a hotel after a wedding reception. David, a dentist, is probably less 5 foot 5 and his wife Christa is slightly taller. David is clearly the soft-spoken one and still carries the shiner he received that night from one of the hotel guests during the confrontation.

The Wielechowskis earlier that night at their wedding reception.

The couple’s reason for finally coming forward were two-fold: First, to try and subdue the media frenzy they say has surrounded them since the start and second, to try and save his Gibsonia dental practice which David says has been negatively impacted by this entire mess. Christa says she has received threats via her My Space page, but would not elaborate on those.

While I thought their story about the karate kick being nothing more than a “playful moment” between drunken newlyweds, I had a harder time believing they did not do something more than just make noise to bring about the confrontation with the other hotel guests. I guess with anything the truth lies in the middle.

Now that they have talked, it’s over – right? Think again. They have a preliminary hearing and if this thing goes to trial, that would not start for another six months. Then, there is the couple’s decision to possibly pursue charges again their attackers. Right now, only two of the men have been identified. The couple says there were at least two more people involved in the brawl in which they were allegedly dragged into the elevator and right now, they have no idea who those people are. What is clear is that Dr. Wielechowski did take a beating – leaving him with a black eye and several physical injuries.

Bottom line, this is what happens when too much alcohol is mixed with not enough common sense. Hopefully, all you brides and grooms will think twice on your wedding night .. and if you find yourselves in the same situation, you would walk away from such a situation, If the Wielechowskis had, they might have avoided all this.


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