Happy Mother’s Day

I’m met Kelly Frey’s mother last night at the Great Tasting at Heinz Field last night. Now I can see where she gets her smile, her charm and her sense of humor. Someone once told me if you want to know what a woman you are dating will be like when you are deep into marriage, look at her mother. I can tell you that is true as Sharon becomes more like her mother every year we are married … and that is a good thing.

On this Mother’s Day weekend,  I wondered what the son’s relationship to mother is. While we are not the spitting image of our mothers, unlike girls, we do carry many of the traits that our mothers have. Like my mom, I have been blessed with good skin that might save me from serious wrinkles for a few more years. I also have my mother’s patience and compassion for others … and like my mom, I tend to be laid back and calm when chaos strikes.

My mother and I weeks after I graduated from college in 1989. Ready to leave the nest and embark on life’s great adventure after years of her guidance. I hope the path which I have taken makes her happy and proud of me.

I love my mom. While she is soft-spoken and often prefers to stay out of the spotlight, she has a light all her own. She has taught me about humility and compassion, love and passion and what it means to live every day to the fullest. As I get older, I cherish the time I spend with her and my father, knowing it will not always be like this. While I am an adult, in her eyes I’m still her son … and even at age 70, she often looks at me as that little child who occasionally needs guidance on life’s sometimes rocky path.

This Sunday, we will once again take part in the Race for the Cure together in Schenley Park. It has become a new tradition for us. While we are there to help raise funds in the battle against breast cancer, I also look at is as quality time with my mother. A chance to develop more memories of her and I. Memories that I know will last a lifetime. Both her lifetime and mine.

Happy Mother’s Day to you mom … and to all the mother’s out there.

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