A Mother’s Day Tradition

Hope everyone had an incredible Mother’s Day!

Mine was fantastic. Of course, anytime I can have my mom and dad spend a weekend with me, it’s special. As we have the past few years, we spent mom’s day in Schenley Park taking part in the Race for the Cure.

Taking a snapshot at the finish line with Mom and Dad. Sharon was playing the role of photographer.

My folks are both in their 70’s and  very active and both walked in the 5K event on race day. For my mom, she runs in celebration of her sister who is a breast cancer survivor. My dad just loves striking up conversations with people which include Sally Wiggin. Because my folks live in another city, it’s cool to see them interact with the people who means so much to me here in Pittsburgh.

Once again, mother’s day at the race is a moving and emotional event, especially the survivor ceremony. However, what sticks with me is being on stage and looking out from Flagstaff Hill at the sea of humanity. 36,000 people and all those tents. The Race has grown in just 16 years from 300 people in the rain and one registration tent … to thousands and tents sponsored by everybody from McDonald’s to Spaghetti Warehouse ( which donated a 35×35 foot lasagna dubbed “The World’s Largest” ).

The number that sticks with me is $20M. That’s how many dollars have been raised in 16 years for breast cancer research. It’s a relatively short period of time to raise so much money  $1.9M this year. It speaks to the support Pittsburgh has given this event. An event I will continue to attend as long as I call Pittsburgh home .. and hopefully, my parents will also make the trip every year for what’s become a Mother’s Day tradition for my family.

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