A Voice from the Past

One of the really great things about my job is that because we are featured prominently on TV and on the web, it’s easy for your former classmates to find you. Such was the case last week.

I got an e-mail from a former classmate of mine at Simsbury High School. Her name is Sarah Bayne and her message read “Is this the Andrew Stockey from SHS?”. I was happy to say it was … and we started to catch-up. Sarah left Connecticut and now is a talented artist living in metropolitan Washington D.C. You can see her work on her website, sararhbayne.com. She is also a Flyers fan, but I forgive her for that.

While it talk about the past and how things have changed, it was even better when she turned me on to the Facebook website. I will admit I have never actually looked at Facebook, but Sarah told me several of our former classmates have pages there. Sure enough, it was like looking back in time and having those people who meant so much to you as a kid now having families of their own.

My former high school classmate, Sarah Bayne, now a respected artist working the Washington D. C. area.

Always when I end up talking to former high school classmates, I get to wondering how different my life might have been had I taken a different path. What if I stayed on the road I chose in high school of working in sales and finance? What if I had decided to play football college? What if, instead of attending Ohio University, I accepted the invitation to enroll at Williams College? Also, what if I had decided not to go on that blind date ten years ago last month in the strip district to meet this girl named Sharon?

Yes, our lives may have been vastly different based on the choices we made. However, the choices I have made led me to this point in time … and I have no regrets. If anything, I take joy in looking at where my former classmates have ended up and pride in knowing we all started from the same place.

I’m very happy for Sarah and excited to hear from her and hear her life has led her to success into the world of art … even if she is a Flyers fan!


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