A Very Big Thank You

I have to say a big “thanks” to everyone who turned what I thought would be a quiet birthday into one of the best moments of my life.

Last Friday was my 40 birthday and the morning crew decided to have a little fun with it. Kelly made her famed super moist cake and took time to tell viewers about “this date in history” 40 years ago. Demetrius kept telling everyone that temps were in the “40’s” and that it had rained on 5 of the previous 7 May 16ths.

However, it was once I was off the air that the memorable stuff really started. My computer has been flooded with e-mails. Some of those from friends, but most coming from viewers. The people who read this blog and many more who do not took time to wish me a happy birthday and know I was not alone in reaching the 40’s. There were so many e-mails that I’m still reading them this morning … and trying to reply so please be patient. Thanks you’s are on the way.

Then, there was my cell phone on which I got so many texts. Some from people I had not spoken to in years. However, the capper of the day came that night. Previously, I had committed to serving as emcee for a benefit at Oakmont Country club on behalf of Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt and his wife, Jan. I did not tell them it was my birthday … and the only way Jan found out was buy watching the morning news that day.

Well, when I got there, Dave and Jan had planned an impromptu celebration. During the night, they had the staff bring out a big slice of birthday cake and a bottle of champagne and the entire audience sang “Happy Birthday”. Suffice it to say, I was shocked and more than a little overwhelmed by their kindness and thoughtfulness.

The celebration – which included a weekend of golf for Sharon and I near Gettysburg – came to a conclusion this morning when Robin Roberts wished me a belated birthday. She was off Friday so it was very sweet of her to offer her best wishes. Thanks Robin!

I guess I have been touched by all these gestures because even though I work a  high-profile job, I tend to think I don’t have a lot of good friends and that my birthday doesn’t mean much – even number 40. I feel very different now. A milestone birthday that would have passed without much mention became the best birthday I ever had because of people like you who took the time to wish me well. I feel loved in a very different way and that is all thanks to you. I guess sometimes the best celebrations are the ones you don’t plan.

One last note: Happy birthday to morning show reporter Amber Nicotra. To be sure she is many years from the big 4-0!

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