Sex and the City: A Man’s Perspective

Ladies — and yes, this post is for you — this is the night you have all been waiting for. Slip on your Manolo Blahniks and start making those cosmopolitans. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are back from their six-year hiatus and ready to take us back to the sexually-charge streets of Manhattan for fun, fashion and frolicking. Tonight marks the national opening for the movie version of  “Sex and the City”.

Now you are probably wondering why me – a man – is even recognizing this event. Hasn’t the media told us that this is a moment that sisters nationwide are uniting and celebrating the return of the show that “speaks” to them? Why would a guy even take notice of the truly feminine event? Here’s why: I am a BIG ( pardon the pen ) “Sex in the City” fan … and you thought you knew everything about me.

I have seen just about every episode and have more than a few DVDs from previous season. I know the story of Carrie and Big. I know how Miranda met her beau and had her baby. I even remember how Carrie dissed Aidan, the man she probably should have ended up with, but that’s just my opinion.

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha. Welcome back. We missed you.

Back in 1998, I caught the first episode of the series … and I was hooked. I loved the writing, the comedy, the bit of a lesson that was told in each lesson that was set up by the musings from Carrie’s typewriter. I later turned Sharon onto the series and soon it became our Sunday night tradition: Sex and the City and a martini. I even learned to like cosmopolitans although I admit when I ordered one in the bar, I would tell the bartender it was for the lady I was with .. even though there was no lady present.

I think it’s pretty obvious from my past blogs that I am in touch with my feelings, but this love of “Sex and the City” is not me “getting in touch with my feminine side”. Rather, it’s getting hooked on a show that speaks to all of us, men and women. It’s about friendships, relationships and the eternal search for that special someone to be your soul mate the rest of your life.

Sharon invited me to go to tonight’s premiere and I decided to take a pass. It’s late night and she’s going with a group of mostly women. I prefer to see it by myself at some point. I like to watch “Sex and the City” with four very special ladies that I got to know intimately over six years … and have not seen in four years. 

Carries, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha … welcome back! 

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