How Cool Is This?

Before I start blogging today, I wanted to answer a few e-mails I have gotten concerning Wendy Bell. Wendy, as you probably know, had twins boys last week and I’ve gotten more a few e-mails wondering when pictures will be posted of the two babies. I’m sure Wendy will get to it soon, but please be patient. While she has become a popular public figure, this is one of life’s more personal moments and when she is ready I’m sure Wendy will show off her bundles of joy to the world.

Now, to today’s topic.

While I love what I do, for the most part this is still just a job. A way to earn a paycheck so that I can do the things I like to do in my spare time which is scarce these days. However, there are days when this job becomes much more than that. There are days when I can’t believe I get paid to do this. The last day or so has been – and will be – like that. Days when I say to myself “how cool is this”!

Let me give you a little taste of the things that have happened – and will happen – in the days ahead. It started Thursday at the Heinz History Center when I did a story about the Parade of Champions exhibit featuring a collection of Pittsburgh’s championship trophies. Everything but the Stanley Cup was in the collection and while they were still busy setting up for the weekend, I had the rare chance to hold a piece of sports history.


Eyes on the prize: Holding the Vince Lombardi trophy

That’s me – wearing the white gloves – holding the Vince Lombardi trophy the Steelers won in Super Bowl XIII over Dallas. That game was the first Super Bowl I ever watched. How cool is it that 30 years later, I held the trophy from that contest.

Wait, the cool stuff keeps coming. Once I’m done for the day here, I’m heading out the Aliquippa for the first ever Chris Hoke/ Butch Ross football camp. Chris, of course, is a defensive lineman for your Pittsburgh Steelers and Butch, who died this past year, was Tony Dorsett’s coach at Hopewell High School. Chris is bringing his friends, including head coach Mike Tomlin and Bills star Paul Pozlusny to come and work with the campers. Chris asked me to speak to the campers as well. It’s quite an honor to be asked to join all these NFL stars as role models for the day.

The cool stuff culminates tonight in Latrobe. I’ll be serving as emcee of the Woodlands Foundation golf outing at Latrobe Country Club. The Woodlands in Wexford has created some special summer activities and camps for kids with special needs. Tonight’s event honors Bill Mazeroski, who has hosted a sports camp for the Woodlands for years and Arnold Palmer, winner of their spirit of golf award.


Teeing off with the king: Arnold and Andrew playing golf in 2005

Two of thee greatest moments of my sports broadcasting career happened with these gentlemen. I played golf with Arnold at Laurel Valley in 2005 before the Senior PGA championship. In 2001, I was there at spring training when Bill Mazeroski got the word – at long last – he was going into the baseball hall of fame.

Forgive me if this sounds like name-dropping, but it’s a thrill to be included in such company and experience such memories … all in a 24-hour period. It will be a long day to be sure and I am already tired, but not to tired to say “how cool is this”.

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