Our Daily Two-Way Conversation

When I arrive at 3:30 in the morning for work ( yes, that is how early is how up and no, it’s not much fun at that hour ), I always pour through my e-mails. No lie, I usually have about 40-50 per day. Some is junk e-mail, some is legit business and then, there are the letters from you. Without fail, I will usually have 5-10 e-mails from blog readers on a daily basis.

I think that’s the best thing about the blog … and more to the point, the world we live in today. We get immediate feedback on everything and it’s not just from anonymous faces and people. Every e-mail has a name and a face to it.

Sometimes those e-mails can be critical of myself or the TV station. I remember an e-mail from a viewer who was not at all happy that I read the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and promptly said she would never watch me again. I had another from a person who wondered where my career was going now that I was covering the “Furrie” convention.

There are those from people who are complementary of the work we do. E-mails from those who love the chemistry of our morning team, like when we make mistakes and act goofy and think of us as part of their morning routine.

I have to say that more than anything else, I love hearing from all of you. When I get an e-mail, I return it as soon as possible and try to spend as much time writing back as it appears that person spent writing to me. Believe it or not, it’s your responses that got me into updating my blog on a daily basis and when I feel I have nothing to say, it’s you that inspires me.

Just wanted to share those thoughts and thanks for making writing this blog a two-way experience.

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