“Boo” Makes His TV Debut

He’s always putting on a show around our house … and tonight, our dog “Boobaloo” makes his Pittsburgh TV debut tonight as my co-tester on “Test It Tuesday”.

This seemed to be a natural since the subject is this pet stain remover called “Urine Gone”. I could just test it myself, but I thought having my dog as my partner on this would make the test more interesting and perhaps a bit more personable.

I was not sure “Boo” would like the cameras, but photoghrapher Eric Hinnebusch did a great job getting “Boo” to look into the lens and more than a few times he actually stood up and stared when the camera light comes on.

Boobaloo: My dog, my friend and tonight, my co-star

I have to admit, it made me smile to see him on camera as I went through the videotape that we shot. From the way he plays with his toys to the way he completely ignores me, all the video made me smile and .. at times .. it made me almost want to cry. I guess it’s because when I look at him, I remember finding him chained up eight years ago behind an apartment building on the north side. He was cold, emaciated and scared. We took him in and gave him love and, in return, he gave us the greatest gift we could have ever been given – the love of a pet.

I hope you watch “Test It Tuesday” tonight at 5 and I hope you keep in mind as you watch that the dog who sits by my side as I test the product is one of greatest gifts that I have ever been given … and I know that my life is better for having “Boo” there.

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