It’s Your Turn

It’s amazing this world I blog in. 

I can blog about world peace, the Presidential race, global warming or Steelers training camp and it elicits nary a response. However, I wrote a few lines about my love for my dog “Boobaloo” and his TV debut last night on “Test It Tuesday”, and the e-mails have not stopped coming. First, here’s Colleen:

   “I have told you this before but we feel the same way about out baby. It’s wonderful to see a man who cares so much about his four-legged family member.

Colleen, thanks for the kind words. You will be happy to know I’m not the only one in the male species who cares about his four-legged friend. The trick is not to let it overtake the passion you have for your two-legged partner in life.

Then,there was this note from Missy:

    “I just read your blog about “Boo”. When I saw the promos about “Test It Tuesday” I yelled into the other room to my fiance “Hey, It’s Boo with Andrew”. He laughed and said “You know the name of his dog?”

I can envision Missy’s conversation with her husband-to-be and the guy sitting there wondering why in the world his fiance knows the name of the dog owned by some guy on TV. To Missy’s fiance, no need to worry. Women just love pets. Just be sure you remember some key things: her birthday, her favorite color ….

Connie chimed in:
     “Are you sure “Boobaloo” is your dog and not Kelly’s? Boo does not look like an Andrew Stockey dog!”
This is why you can’t judge a book by its cover. While Kelly has a couple of dogs that may actually be bigger than she is, I have a small furry bischon/poodle. What it proves is that just like your husband or wife, you can never plan or predict who you will end up with. It was circumstances that brought our dog into our lives. I will say I do get stares from the guys when I walk my little dog but, at the same time, the girls love coming up and petting “Boo”.   Finally, some sweet words from Susan:

     “Our 4 dogs are our family, all were rescues but we believe that they rescued us. They are truly gifts from God. Break a leg, Boobaloo! With admiration Susan, Pat, Jake, Annie, Emmie and Tucker.”

Wow! “Boo” has four new friends. I wonder if he will be able to handle life as a TV star? I hope so. I don’t know if Sharon can handle two huge egos inside the house. Thanks for all your e-mails … and yes, I’ll keep writing back to each and every one of them.



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