Celebrity Sleaze

If you have been watching Channel 4 Action News This Morning for a while, you know my feelings on celebrity news. While I understand that many of you like to hear about your favorite stars, for me it’s a form of torture to have to detail the exploits of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I mean, really, why should I care if she’s having twins … and how does what Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes baby look like affect my world?

Mr. & Mrs. A-Rod: Splitting up. Is Madonna the “mystery woman” in all this? Why should we care?

Well, now we have reached a new form of celebrity sleaze: the inside story of celebrity sex scandals. This morning, we reported on the maritial split between Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez and his wife as well as the rumor that A-Rod has been hitting the sheets with married pop star Madonna.

Peter Cook & Christie Brinkley: Headed for divorce, but not before the steamy secrets coming streaming out of the closet. Is it more than I need to know?

And then, there is the scandal involving Christie Brinkley and her husband who not only allegedly has a on-line porn addiction, but also is alleged to have paid of high school girl $300K for sex.

OK, I’m going to rant here so be warned. 

Why do I need to know what goes on in the bedroom of the rich, famous and unstable? Why does anyone care about who is sleeping with whom? Isn’t there enough drama in the world without having to get the blow-by-blow bedroom shenanigans of the stars? I’m just not sure why this has always been intriguing to normal, well-adjusted people. I know I don’t care because frankly I’m not in the bedroom when Madonna and A-Rod allegedly carried on their tryst. The only way I’m going to care … is if the deal ends up netting me tickets for the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium in two weeks.

I realize the world of news means providing you a wide cross-section of what’s happening in the world, but what’s the relevance of the stars’ sordid sex lives. Believe me, being in a normal relationship with one person is hard enough. How A-Rod manages to fight with his wife, carry on with the Material Girl and hit .300 is beyond me.

Still, these tales must be of interest to the majority of the population. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have E!, Entertainment Tonight, People and the like. Far be in from me to second guess the interests of the American people.

On that note, have a Hapy July 4th!

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