A Good Time with the Guys

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend … and managed to miss as much of the rain as possible.

Since Sharon went away for a girl’s weekend in Michigan, I stuck around here and decided to do a guy’s weekend and for me that means golf. Four guys, three days …. and 72 holes of golf on four courses. Our journey took us from Peters Township to Bridgeville … and from Sewickley to Uniontown. Somehow, during the golfing marathon, we missed all the rain.

The best thing about playing with “the guys” is that it’s nice to be able to bound with the fellows and talk about all the things that perhaps only a guy can understand. Women understand what I am talking about. There are some things your husband is never going to get, things only a woman can understand, no matter how much you try to explain it to him. The same is sometimes true with the men, ladies.

When a group of guys get together and spend three days together, the first thing you do is forget to take picture because you are so busy. I meant to snap a four-some shot on Sunday and never got around to pulling my camera out of my bag. When guys get together, it’s also about telling jokes – some of which I can’t repeat here.

Most of all, it’s about bonding with a group you share something in common with. While you wife will always be your best friend and confidant, your close buddies will be your second most-trusted friends. They are there through the good times and bad, they know many of the experiences that you have gone through because they have gone through them as well. Here’s to my guys … Joe, Gary, Chuck and Terry … thanks for a great weekend of golf and camaraderie. Just wish I could have scored a little bit better.

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