Courage in the Morning

The one thing about my job that makes it different from anything else is its unpredictable nature. I come to work every morning not knowing what is going to happen or what will unfold. It could be good news or bad. It could be a matter of life or death.

This morning about 6:15, Kelly and myself were winding down a normal Friday broadcast after a long Thursday night at Kennywood when real life suddenly came out of nowhere at hit us smack in the face. Sky 4 was over a raging fire in McKeesport. An apartment building had caught fire and began burning. Covering fires are not exactly a new experience for us, but it’s what happened while the fire was burning that took our breath away.

Sky 4 zoomed into a part of a building where firefighters were bringing a ladder to the the 5th floor. Kelly and myself watched and narrated as the firefighter climbed up, grabbed a child and took him to safety. Then, several residents climbed down that same ladder and all the while the fire was burning nearby. According to the resident who handed the child to the firefighter, they were trapped and 30 more seconds and they would have perished in the flames.

It was courageous on the part of not only the firefighters, but also the residents. To risk life and limb to save one another was nothing short of amazing …. and I had a front row seat to watch this drama unfold. This is “reality” TV and unlike the TV show, it truly involves life and death.

This is what makes what we do so amazing. You just never know what the day will bring. This day brought an example of courage and bravery like I had never seen before … and can only hope to witness again someday.

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