What Time Is It Again?

I know our viewers get into a routine and when it changes, it can throw folks completely off their game. So I thought as a courtesy to those who take the time to read my blog, I would let you know what’s going on that might have you scratching your head in the coming days.

Wendy Bell is home getting to know the two newest additions to her family, her twin boys. While she is away, I will be filling in for her spot on Channel Four Action News at 5pm oppositie MIchelle Wright. I’ve done this turnaround from time to time in the past and I always get a few calls and e-mails from people wondering is that me in the mornings and the evenings or if I might be on tape.

Hanging with Michelle Wright. It must be 5pm.

In truth, working the 5am and the 5pm is fun and enlightening. It’s interesting to see how a story which may begin at 5am that day develops and is told when 5pm comes around. Take the fire in McKeesport from Friday. We covered it live as “breaking news” when we had little detail at 6:30am. By the time I came back for the news at 5pm, I was able to hear the stories told from the residents’ perspective and we also learned that fire alarms were ignored because they go off “all the time”.

This temporary assignment will likely be more physically demanding than mentally taxing. Consider this schedule: I wake up at 2:15am, get to work at 3:30am and anchor from 5am to 7am. I’m usually out of here by 9am but return by 3:30pm and anchor the 5pm show. Best case scenario, with rush hour traffic, I”m home by 7pm. That means a lot of quick naps during the day and not much time to play golf during the week.

Then, there is the mental part of it. I have already had those moments when I’m in the studio and I look at the clock and say out loud “is it 5am or 5pm?”. The running joke in the newsroom is that if it’s 5, then Andrew is working.

Still, I’m excited to help out the station is this unique way in the coming weeks. It’s just another new experience for someone who’s still learning the ropes. I just hope that one morning when I’m half awake I don’t turn to Kelly and call her “Michelle” by mistake.

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