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The most interesting moments on the morning show are often those you never get to see. I’m speaking about what happens during the commercial breaks.

While we are paying the bills running commercials, the studio will often be alive with discussion from politics to what we all did that weekend. Today’s topic: men’s magazines.

That’s right, the folks on the morning show crew debated the pros and cons of men’s magazines. You know what I’m talking about GQ, Maxim, Esquire and Details. I will admit I do read some of these publications, but for various reasons. I read GQ because of the great articles and the occasional fashion tips. Maximis something I don’t read because of essentially what it is: a soft porn magazine posing as a men’s magazine. Then, there is Details. Demetrius gave me a free publication because he got a free one as well.

I have to tell you, Details doesn’t offer much at all. Bad writing, boring articles and fashion tips for those of you making over $100K and live in Los Angeles. The only reason this latest issue got our attention was one rather interesting article, perhaps the only one I’ve ever seen in the magazine.

Entitles “Are You “That Guy””, it has a list of 56 items that if you do them, folks will roll their eyes at you. Now, I never think I’m “that guy”, but about 15 of those 56 items relate to me. Here’s a look at some of those things that might make me “that guy”:

      * You initiate fist bumps

     * You have a downloaded ring tone

      * You call your friends and colleagues by their last names

    *  You refer to any last-stop bar as “the 19th hole”

Of course, I was in a state of panic when I started realizing that I had so many of these traits, but then I took a deep breath and thought about it. Men’s magazines, and womens publications as well, play to your fears. The fear of not being cool, not being trendy and not having the “hip” new look.

Truthis, very few of us could afford half the stuff in those magazines and if we tried to live that lifestyle, our lives would be more about possession than it would be about our passions. Let’s be honest with ourselves, these magazines paint a picture of cool that few of us can hope to achieve and since when do they have the moral authority to determine if I’m “that guy”?

It was a interesting debate about an unexpected subject this morning. Just thought I would share some of the behind-the-scenes stuff with you. Of course, after hearing this you might wonder about us. Don’t worry. We’re all pretty normal for the most part.

I’m blaming it on caffeine, which will make you do strange things at five in the morning.

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