Figuring Out Facebook

While I like to think I’m hip to the latest thing in technology, the truth is I’m always one step behind the curve in certain areas. Sure, I’m usually the first to get the latest video game and have the newest additions to my iPod touch, I’m not so savvy when it comes to being plugged into chatting and communicating on the web.

Proof of this can be found on my Facebook page. That’s right, I have a Facebook page … and it happened completely by accident. A few months ago, we were trying to track down a picture of a high school student killed in a car crash. More and more, the media will access sites like Facebook to find photos and information about the victim. Of course, to access what I needed, I had to register. I did this … and forgot I had done so.

Well, here we are four months later, and I am getting more requests daily from people to be “my friend”. I guess I should be flattered, after all I’m hearing from people I haven’t talked to since high school. However, I’, also getting requests from people who I don’t even now. Those who have, at best, a distant connection to me through an event or something like that.

Even worse, I haven’t put together much of a Facebook page … and apologized to friends for doing so. While I just put my picture on the page last week … and just finished my bio this morning … others have elaborate photo essays of their lives on their pages. Looks like just too much work to keep that paghe updated.

I find it interesting that people, who would never look in your direction on the street are more than willing to put their life stories on Facebook. As for me, I just included the information you can find on my bio on our station website and my insights and philosophies are the same ones on my blog.

I do find it intriguing that now Facebook is getting a face lift and allowing you to write quick messages and “scribble” on the walls of other friends. However, there is still something missing from this on-line experience for me: the lack of verbal communication. It’s become so easy, via e-mail or Facebook, to talk with someone without really talking to them. I’m someone who actually enjoys hearing a person’s voice and find the digital world denies us that one-on-one communication.

Still, if this is the way of the future, than who am I to stop it. Want to be my “friend”? Feel free to stop by my Facebook page. I’ll try to update it with some pics, but I’m not promising anything.

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