Why Would Anyone Want this Job?

I was reading the Wall Street Journal this morning when I came across an article that left me both scratching my head and laughing out loud. The title? Too Fit to Be President?The contention in the article was that Senator Barack Obama, a skinny, tall and relatively fit person may lose votes because of his physique.

The argument here was that given that 66% of the population of voting age is overweight and 32% of it is considered obese, they would not relate to a tall and skinny candidate. Wait, there’s more. There were voters who actually said they would not choose Obama because of his skinny appearance.

Just reading this article has allowed me to draw the following conclusion: I will never ever run for President. Never. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.

More to the point, why would anyone want this job. Consider Obama and McCain will spend nearly two years campaigning for a job that pays $400K and they still won’t be the most powerful man in the world. The President isn’t even the most powerful man in America. That title goes to the Chairman of the Federal Reserve who can move markets with a single statement.

Then, there is the incessant criticism and attacks. You’re too skinny. Too fat. Too old. Too young. Too black. Not black enough. Too rough. Too much of a lightweight. You pick your critique and it’s probably been used by a candidate at some point to describe his rival.

Now, suddenly the dreaded “race card” has reared its ugly head into the conversation between Obama and McCain and their daily bit of name-calling, with Obama saying he doesn’t look like past Presidents and McCain taking issue with the whole issue. Even if Obama or McCain win, they will enter office with an unpopular war on their hands and a deficit of a half-trillion dollars to deal with. It’s no wonder that while some talented people did run in the 2008 campaign for the White House, many more of the best and brightest did not. These people – and you know who they are – figure they could do more and endure less if they did not run for President.

In my humble opinion, no job is worse going through all the crap these candidates must not only endure, but also create. Still, I do admire those who do make the long and arduous journey towards the White House and end up becoming Commander-In-Chief. They will of course go down in history. I just don’t know if history is enough for me make my life a living hell and run for the highest elected office in the land.

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