From Links and Linguini

Hope you all enjoyed this weekend and the gorgeous weather we had – for the most part. I know certain parts of the region got hammered. I know this because I visited Fayette County. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

As I get older, I begin to appreciate my free time more and more. I enjoy having 48 hours ( sometimes less than that ) to do the things I want to do and be able to spend the time the way I wish.

Golf is always an important part of my weekend and this Saturday and Sunday I hit the links with my golfing buddies, my best friend Joe and my new golf friend Gary. Saturday morning, we played 18 at Lone Pine Golf Club in Washington. I have a membership there and I’m always happy to host my friends. But the best golf outing was saved for Sunday. That’s when Sally Wiggin invited the three of us out to play Fox Chapel Golf Club.

Smiles before swings: My buddy, Big Joe, joining me and Sally before we tee of Sunday at Fox Chapel

Sally is an avid golfer and she works very hard at becoming the best she can be. That’s true of all of Sally’s endeavors but it’s symbolized by her commitment on the links. Sally was so sweet to have us over for an afternoon round of golf … in which we all played relatively well. Even if we hadn’t, it’s the spirit and comraderie that I enjoy and a four-some on a Sunday afternoon is the best way I know to finish up the weekend.

I mentioned I visited Fayette County this weekend as well. A good friend of mine, Terry Cellurale, owns a salon in Uniontown called Bangz. Terry invited me to come to Uniontown to take part in a tradition known as the Uniontown Italian fest. Sure, it’s a little bit of a drive, but I thought I would go down and visit my buddy, have a little food and drink and leave in an hour. Well, so much for the best laid plans.

While I think I’m unrecognizable when I’m wearing shorts and not sporting a tie, viewers obviously can peg me no matter what I’m wearing. I had so many people come up to me and say “hello” and say “we watch your show every morning”. People of all ages were very complementary of what we do on channel 4 and say they watch often.

However, there were two things that struck me as I was doing this unexpected “victory lap” at the festival. First, people kept saying they could not believe I traveled “All the way down to Uniontown”. Folks, please realize that while western Pennsylvania is a large place an hour-long drive isn’t that long. I don’t mind going to different places in our region .. even if they are across bridges, borders and rivers.

The second strange thing … is that while I have been co-anchoring the morning news for two years, I was constantly asked how the Steelers were looking at camp. Strange because in my new job, I rarely go to camp. I guess old habits die hard and I’ll always be a sports guy to some folks. A designation I don’t mind one bit because it means people remember you and the work you did … and they like it.

Well, that’s my weekend. Not exactly amazing or awe-inspiring, but memorable for me for various reasons.

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