Golfing for a Good Cause

You may have noticed I took Monday off. No, I wasn’t playing hokey. Instead, I was playing golf … but for a good cause.

On any given Monday, there are probably a dozen golf tournaments in western Pennsylvania designed to raise funds for variosu charitable causes. What’s amazing is that nearly all of them fill their fields. That speaks volumes about not only our passion for golf, but our desire to do good.

My fearsome foursome at Allegheny on Monday: Mark Merten, Richard Tang, Tom Laughlin and yours truly.

This Monday, I was out at the Allegheny Country Club for the Verizon Wireless Skins Challenge: an event that raises funds for Cystic Fibrosis research. CF is the leading genetic killer of young people and this event has raised more than $145K for research locally which has helped extend the life-span of children with CF into thier late 20’s and 30’s.

My foursome including a trio of big hitters from Verizon: guys who hit the ball a ton and have key roles in the company. Their involvement in this event and this cause knows no boundaries. Tom Laughlin, one of the members of my group, recently presented a check for CF research during a Pirates game and met a young boy with CF. Before the game, he found a batting practice ball on the ground and gave it to the young man. Tom later found out that boy slept with the ball that night. Tom says it left him choked up.

While we all love to play golf, we do think about why we are out there … and what we can do to help. No matter the fund-raiser, golf events are the best way to help out and have fun and when you realize who is benefiting you understand that your score means little. It’s about the biggest game – and that is the game of life.

By the way, I did not play well. I think I will put my clubs away … until the next Monday I can go out and help out by swinging the sticks.

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