Happy Birthday Kelly!

My morning partner, Kelly, celebrates another birthday on Sunday. Now I won’t tell you how old she is. Heck, I won’t even ask her. I know better than that. I’ll just say she looks great … no matter what her age.


Kelly surprised on the air with a special birthday cake

Thanks to Scott Stiller for coming up with the ultimate birthday surprise. He got Kelly a cake that we presented on the air before our show ended. On the cake, the bakery laser printed a great shot of Kelly! It’s from “Test It Tuesday” a few weeks back. It was the time she tested a Doogie IQ test with her three dogs. One of the tests involved Kelly wearing a ski mask to see if her dogs would recognize her. In the shot on the cake, Kelly is wearing the mask and trying to scare Chuck … and he’s not buying it.

Who is that masked woman? Kelly in disguise with Chuck immortalized on her birthday cake.

In the immortal words of Joe DeNardo “the cake was excellent and it was well received”. Everybody, if you get a chance, please send an e-mail and wish Kelly a Happy Birthday and be sure to tell her she looks better “without” the mask.

Have a great weekend! I’ll see you Tuesday!

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