I’m Back … and so are “The Women”

I’m back after a blogging break and a much-needed rest. Thanks for being patient and coming back to visit my blog. Now that I’m a bit better rested I can blog with a clearer head and maybe makes my points and my arguments stronger.

Besides sleeping, one way I spent my weekend was a trip to the movies. I can count the number of movies I have seen the past year in the theatre on one finger … and I can’t even remember what that film was. So what did I decide to see in my return to the movie theatre? The Women.

Yes, I decided to go see a “chick” film in my first venture back into theatres. OK, maybe that is not a fair thing to say but I can tell you this: When I walked into the theatre to take my seat I was the ONLY man in the room of about 40 patrons at the Loews Theatre at the Waterfront. Sure it was an NFL Sunday, but the Steelers did not play until later that day.

The movie has an all-star lineup: Meg Ryan, Annette Benning, Candice Bergen, Jada Pinkett, Deborah Messing … and Eva Mendes who looks absolutely stunning in this film. Essentially, the plot is Ryan’s character finds her husband cheating with Mendes … and her friends rally around her as she goes through the trials and tribulations of a marriage falling apart.

So what did this “guy” think of this “girl” flick? I liked it … for two very good reasons. One, it was genuinely funny and while it was about women, they were jokes that everybody could get. The second and more interesting thing is the movie did not feature one man. Men were referred to but never shown, not even as window dressing in the background. This movie was all women and it was done in such a way that you were immersed in the woman’s world without the “distraction” of seeing a man, but seeing the effects of what a man does on a woman’s life.

Two thumbs up from me for The Women. Now, I want to see a “guy” flick like Burn After Reading.

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