In Favor of Facebook

The hardest thing for anyone to do is to admit when we are wrong. However, I think I am a big enough person ( at age 40 I hope I’m big enough ) to admit when I made a mistake. In this case, my error comes to my conclusions about Facebook.

A while back, I talked about my initial impressions of Facebook. I discussed how about the half the people who asked me to be “friends” were people I did not even know. I said I did not need anymore friends in my life.

Well, what I did not count on was the on-line reunion that I have become a part of. Suddenly, I’m hearing from people in my past that I have not heard from in decades ( and I do mean decades ). If you know anything about me, you know that my high school years played an important role in my life. To this day, the person I am was formed and created during my high school days.

Now, I am hearing from my high school friends on almost a daily basis. From guys I used to play football with to girls that I dated, I am hearing from all my high school classmates who have turned this “Facebook thing” into a virtual class reunion. For me , it’s great to be able to not only read what my fellow members of the class of ’86 are doing, but to be able to see pictures of them with the click of a mouse.

Reading and cyber-chatting with my classmates from high school makes me very happy to see where their lives have taken them … and very sad to know they have achieved things in life that are still on the drawing board in my life. Most of all, Facebook has allowed me realize that despite the years the ties still bind and the feelings are still there.

That’s not only the power of Facebook, that is the power of the internet … where Simsbury’s High School’s graduating class of 1986 still lives on.

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