Kelly Rides the Train

She is so lucky! Kelly got the plum assignment of riding with the crew of Good Morning America on their whistle stop tour as it made it’s way to Pittsburgh Wednesday. It’s amazing what they have created, a train that has turned into a broadcasting studio.

Kelly talks with Robin Roberts & Diane Sawyer on the GMA train

Kelly and photographer Eric Hinnebusch met the train in Gustavas, Ohio and took into Pittsburgh. While on board, Kelly had a chance to interview the people we talk to every morning: Diane, Robin, Chris and Sam. It’s obvious how much they like Pittsburgh because as soon as Kelly got on board, it was like meeting old friends.

The train pulled up at the Pennsylvanian downtown to cheers and greetings from a number of residents as the foursome taped segment for Thursday’s show under the beautiful rotunda.

Courtesy of Kelly and GMA producer Tarcy DePascale, here are some behind the scenes snapshots from the Kelly’s great adventure.

Kelly interviewing Robin and Diane on board the GMA train

Kelly with Sam Champion and Chris Cuomo on the GMA train

Brad Paisley performs live at a farm in Gustavus Ohio on GMA

Kelly with GMA producer Tracy DePascale at the Pennsylvanian

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