The Battle for the Perfect Temperature

Time to take you behind the scenes of the morning show once again.

Every morning, there is this battle that takes place between power forces, each trying to impose its will. It becomes a stalemate most mornings and often in can leave one of the parties with the scars of battle. Those scars, in this case, being goosebumps.

Ashley “Heat Miser” DiParlo

I’m talking about the temperature battle that goes on every morning. Now, of course, temperatures are usually kept lower because of the equipment in the studio but our set also doubles as the office for the weather center. That means Demetrius is there all the time … and he likes it cool. Check that, he likes it cold.

Demetrius “Snow Miser” Ivory

This would not be a big deal, but we happen to have two ladies in our studio each morning, Ashley DiParlo and Kelly Frey, and let’s just say they are not dressed for a stay at Seven Springs. They are not wearing jackets and often wear skirts and they are cold. How cold? This morning, Ashley told me she’s growing the small hairs on her forearm longer so she can keep warm.

Each morning, the battle between cold-weather Demetrius and warm weather Kelly and Ashley goes on. Harsh words are spoken as well as pleas to turn the temperature up. As for me? I got a jacket and I’m drinking coffee so I don’t care.

Watching these three go at it reminds me of a Christmas TV special of all things. Just to show my age, do your remember A Year  Without Santa Claus ? There were two characters battling each other in the heavens above “Heat Miser” and “Snow Miser”? OK, maybe I’m stretching but watching these three battle over the temperature reminds me of that.

Heat Miser & Snow Miser from “A Year Without Christmas”

Now, aren’t you glad to know that between the important news of the day we are battling over the studio temperature?

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