Weekend Warrior

I guess I have forgotten when I used to be an athlete.

This weekend was a reminder how much fun it used to be when I would spend my weekend playing nothing but sports. From a Dek Hockey game on Friday night, to a softball game on Saturday to a round of golf on Sunday this was a very active weekend for yours truly.

Friday, I was invited to take part with the gang from WDVE in a celebrity Dek Hockey game against six and seven-year-olds at Penn Hills. The event was to raise funds for the dek hockey program ( basically hockey without skates ) in that community. Our team includes DVE’s Jim Krenn, Randy Baumann and Val Porter as well Jannelle Hall and yours truly. It was a lot more strenuous than I thought. We lost 7-6 in overtime in a shootout, but of course the 6-7 year olds had Penguins star Max Talbot on their team .. and he got the game-winner.

The next afternoon, many of the people you know from WTAE took the softball field to play some of the stars of local radio in a softball challenge as part of the Fall Festival in Penn Township, Westmoreland County. Part of the fun for me was teaming up with our former traffic reporter turned radio star Melanie Taylor. We wound up winning 16-14 and believe it or not, I actually hit the rare home run. Of course, our team also was powered by three members of the Penn Township Police. A big thanks to Jen Miele who did all the hard work to put this on … and her efforts helped to bring a rather large crowd to the ball park.

Finally, a chance to wind down and play my first round of golf in five weeks. Sunday, I met a friend of mine to play a round at Uniontown Country Club which is celebrating its 100th birthday. Considering how badly I played this year and how I was actually close to quitting golf for good, I was stunned that I actually had a decent round of 99.

One thing was clear after three days of physical activity: my body actually hurts. This is something new for me because I cannot remember very playing sports like softball and golf and actually waking up the next morning and feeling pain. I think I bruised my arm falling to the ground in hockey … and I might have pulled a groin muscle running the bases. No it’s not easy when you are 40, but I think I have rediscovered what I have been missing … the fun of playing sports.

During these years of work, I have sometimes forgotten to go outside and just play. Look, golf is great but its not real exercise unless you walk with the bag over your shoulder. This was real physical competition and it left me wanting more. From now on, I’m going to try and commit myself to more weekend like this …. not weekends when I’m in pain but weekends when I go out and play.

Now, if I can only remember that I do have a blog and bring my camera to these things next time ….

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