The First Day of School

Before I start blogging, I wanted to let you know my schedule. Now that O am working nights, I will be blogging  before I leave at 11:30pm. That way you will have a post before when you wake up in the morning. This one, for instance, is for Tuesday.

Do you remember your first day of school … high school, for instance?

Now you know how I felt on Monday.

Monday seemed like the first day of my freshman year of high school. I felt like I was entering a new building and starting over. I felt like the new kid in class and that everything I did would be judged. Now, of course, I have worked at WTAE for 13 years but I felt very different on this particular day.

Why? Because I came into the building as the new anchor of channel four Action News at 5, 6 & 11pm. It was a position I never sought when I came here and could never have imagined when I joined the station in 1995. While I had anchored the 5pm news before on a fill-in basis and had been the morning news co-anchor the last two years, today was different. Today I was a bit nervous and anxious at the same time.

I think today was different because the job was mine and these shows now have my name attached to them. I have a stake in them and I play a larger role in their success and failure. In other words, there is more pressure on me than ever before. But along with the pressure comes a confidence in knowing the people who hired you believe in you and your abilities. That is why I started this first full day of school with a sense of pride as well.

Spending my first day “at school” with my new partner, Wendy.

The day went well. I felt more confident as the 5pm show progressed into the 6pm broadcast.  Of course , it does not hurt having Wendy Bell and Michelle Wright as co-anchors. It also helped to know so many people were pulling for me. I got so many letters of congratulations and well wishes … even one from my very first news director, a woman who gave me my first chance.

But most of all, I have heard from you. Those who let me into their homes when I was working mornings. While the e-mails were penned by different people, the message was the same: We will miss you in the mornings but we wish you best in the evenings.

So the first day of school is just about over … and I actually found someone to sit next to in the cafeteria. I think I’m going to like this school.

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